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Our automatic blast gates have been specifically designed to fit 100mm and 150mm A/NZ standard PVC stormwater pipe. If you need them to fit other ducting, then this is possible but will incur a delay as we modify our CNC machining program to suit.

When you are designing your layout please note that a gate that is fixed to a structure can support up to 1200mm of ducting on both sides. However, if the ducting is supporting the gate then we recommend a separate support back to a solid structure within 1200mm of the gate.

The gates have been specifically designed to fit in 1 branch of a stormwater Y junction as below...

which illustrates a 150mm gate in a 150x150x150 junction and....

which illustrates a 100mm gate in a 150x150x100 junction OR....

which illustrates 150mm gates fitted to 225 x 225 x 150 junctions.


Basically, a MANUAL CONTROLLER has its 12v power supply plugged in to a power point and the 2 output leads connected to a gate. 

An AUTO or AUTO/MANUAL controller is plugged in to a power point with its supplied power lead. Its 12v power supply is plugged in to another power point OR THE SAME POWER POINT IF YOU ALSO PURCHASE THE PIGGY-BACK LEAD and then it is plugged in to the controller itself. The 2 LV leads are connected to the gate. When your machine is plugged in to the controller and turned on, the connected gate will open. IF THE GATE CLOSES WHEN THE MACHINE IS TURNED ON, then reverse the 2 leads connecting the gate.