The system is very simple, however the number of options make your choices a bit more complex. Basically, you plug the AUTO or AUTO/MANUAL controller in to an appropriate power point, also plug in the LV supply, connect the LV supply to the controller and connect the controller to the gate. NO ELECTRICIAN REQUIRED. Then ANY machine that you plug into that controller will operate the connected blast gate.



If you order the micro switch to be supplied mounted to your gate then, by purchasing our switching module (AVAILABLE IN APRIL 2020), when you turn on your machine, the gate will open AND the (240v) dust collector connected to the module will also be turned on. The module also includes a timer so that the dust collector will stay on for a duration selected by you so that multiple short tasks won’t continuously cycle the dust collector. NO ELECTRICIAN REQUIRED. If however you have a 3 phase dust collector operating through a VFD, then an electrician can connect the limit switch to the VFD (via a control module) to achieve the same automation as above.  



NOTE 3 The system is so flexible that it can handle machines with multiple dust ports. Option 1, fit 1 gate connected to an AUTO or AUTO/MANUAL controller and split the duct/flex to go to both ports OR OPTION 2, fit 2 gates connected to 1 controller and, when the machine starts, both gates will open OR Option 3, fit 2 gates to 1 controller, connect the gates in series and fit a simple light switch to the second gate. This enables you to have both gates come on automatically or only one as chosen by you. This is very useful for machines such as a router table where you might always want the under table dust collection to come on but leave automatic control of the above table collection as optional.  


To achieve our plug-and-play criteria, ideally we would recommend 2 power points to be utilised,1 for the controller and hence the machine and another for the LV supply. We do however supply a dedicated piggy-back plug that enables the controller (and hence machine) AND the LV supply to use the same power point.